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Our advice would be to ensure the leads are fully uncoiled to prevent overheating," he said.
Although the force required to uncoil the pipe is small, if a straightener is not used, the uncoiled pipe will tend to elastically re-coil, like a spring, which is both inconvenient and a safety hazard.
Weaver keeps his right hand back as long as possible before whipping it across his body a shade after he has uncoiled.
SIR PERCY, as is his wont, danced on his toes in the paddock during his a wayday to Newbury yesterday, but once on the course the spring uncoiled and he delivered in style in a full-blooded workout over seven furlongs, write Rodney Masters and David Lawrence.
What's new: The researchers uncoiled long DNA strands and formed them into precise patterns.
While she is riding, a mischievous breeze tugged at the scarf, uncoiled it from her neck, and then lifted it into the air.
The lower the crystallinity, the lower the number of tie molecules and the higher the quantity of amorphous molecules that can undergo slip remaining uncoiled and stressed.
And every strand of DNA in every cell of your body is nearly two meters long, uncoiled.
FreePlay has announced that it will offer an upgraded radio, the FPR3, which will throw a rechargeable battery into the mix, allowing the radio to continue playing even after the spring has completely uncoiled.
It was a town of machinery and tall chimneys, out of which interminable serpents of smoke trailed for ever and ever and never got uncoiled.
The quiet juxtaposition of passion and protest eventually strikes a social note of tension, one that is couched as in the reserve energies of an uncoiled spring.