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The result of this can be an additional uncoiling of the molecules in the amorphous phase as well as tie molecules and their elastic stretching.
And a couple of free kicks close to the edge of the box spelled danger for Shrewsbury with Gall uncoiling superbly to turn over leading striker Mooney's shot.
In her place is bossy Hylda with her uncoiling stream of gossip.
That's because water molecules break hair's weak hydrogen bonds, uncoiling some of the loops.
To avoid difficulty with further uncoiling and recoiling of the strip, the material was cleaned while still coiled in the rolls.
Photo: On these video images, numbered beadsshow coiling and uncoiling of a smooth-muscle cell as it shortens and expands.
This work includes the construction of foundations, Metallic equipment, Uncoiling, Pendulum, Adjustment, Adjustment of existing installations, Dismantling of decommissioned installations and all services aimed at obtaining a perfect finish of the installations.
And then, if the day were fine and Louisa was willing, the children might hasten down to the quay with the rest of the village to watch the schooner come alongside, Captain Owen standing proudly on the bridge beside the Norwegian captain, and the yellow-haired crew running about uncoiling ropes and calling to each other in their foreign tongue.
Housman's Queen of Air and Darkness, uncoiling like a rising serpent, seemed too short for the implications of the poem, and Ian Venables.
Tenders are invited for The Work Includes Spreading Drip Pipe Lines For Coconut/Arccanut/Cocoa Gardens Such As Uncoiling And Straightening The Drip Pipes And Joining One By One Fixing Micro Tubes/Drippers To Drip Lines ( 2 Microtubes For Arecanut/Cocoa Palms, 4 Each For Coconut Palms) Closing The End Of Drip Pipes And Tying To A Small Stick Fixing To Soil