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Numbers provided by COA said the uncollected fines were totaled from 2013 up to 2018.
Birmingham City Council has apologised for the uncollected rubbish.
'If you add the collected and uncollected PVCs, definitely it will be greater than the voters' register but we have removed some names.
State auditors noted that uncollected administrative fines have swollen because fines were not collected right after the landing in the country of undocumented or improperly documents aliens.
It was during this discussion that Alvarez asked whether hangar operators are meeting their obligation, to which Monreal disclosed the uncollected fees now amounting to more than P700 million.
This is not councils' collect but people's With the council not collecting payments from 7.5% of eligible taxpayers, the local authority potentially missed out on PS4.3m in uncollected tax last year.
This is the city's worst collection rate for more than 20 years and means that the authority is potentially missing out on PS9.6m that has gone uncollected in the past financial year.
In, Rhiwbina, recycling bags were left uncollected and in Whitchurch, green bags were left behind in some streets and some houses had their food waste left uncollected.
The post Mind the gap: uncollected VAT costs the EU nearly e1/4160bn appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Uncollected wastes often end up in drains, causing blockages which result in flooding and unsanitary conditions in the city, Chohan said.