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Those plates, reproduced herein, are uncolored and each contains two figures.
In this work, both the uncolored and the colored ABS plaques were aged using two different techniques.
If each and every figure has at least four adjacent figures at an uncolored planar map, no matter these figures whether are transformed, and there is at least a piece of figures which at most three figures surrounds inwardly, then we regard the borderline closed curve which the piece of figures adjoins outwardly as "a ring of encircling figures", and use sign "[dot encircle]" to denote it, also use sign "[?
Table 4 Mean Desire, Hedonic, Disgust and Refreshing Ratings (and SDs) for the Colored Stimuli When Presented to the Thirsty and Control Groups Group Stimulus Rating Uncolored Light gray Dark gray M SD M SD M SD Thirsty Desire 6.
It delivers a musical experience of the highest quality, and does so in a manner that allows anyone in the room, sitting or standing, to revel in its rich, uncolored sound.
An experienced ERM consultant can provide objective advice uncolored by the desire to increase their revenues by selling insurance policies.
An example of "interactive" is a shower curtain drawn with outlined patterns but left uncolored.
Each bird was tested with two novel foods (blue and gray), each of which was presented one at a time in combination with the uncolored maintenance diet.
Once the leather pieces are prepared, they are fitted on to of the uncolored, untextured IP.
On average, the iron oxide-colored samples had leached about 25 percent less arsenic than the uncolored samples did.
A circle representing a member of the Assemblies of God could be colored red and an individual whose affiliation and beliefs are unknown could be left uncolored.
Spills or stains on ColorShield products are lightly blotted with a damp, clean, uncolored cloth to remove the spill and leave the color and pattern intact.