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I felt they were strong enough to stand alone and I designed them in this way as I thought they would work best for both the coloured commemorative and uncoloured circulating coins."
Given an r-coloured permutation of [n], say [summation] = (S, [phi]), first consider its corresponding uncoloured permutation S.
The commonest issue highlighted in ampoule labels was difficulty in reading embossed but uncoloured plastic ampoule information.
This modification changes the central form into a definite crucifix where the original design bears almost nothing of that figuration; it has the advantage of standing in solidarity with the other beautifully restored nave windows (which are simple uncoloured panes) but the original design would have done that too in a more complex and dynamic composition.
Taken together and set on a new page uncoloured by the politics of humanistic discourse there is a good hope that literary Darwinism might add at least some of the self- knowledge we seem to need to steer culture's course back toward something fit for nature's ecology.
There is no tradition of architectural theory uncoloured by a moral tone.
Thus a humble native garment becomes a magical image, and rough white linen left uncoloured round the edges now represents heavenly clouds parting to reveal the Virgin.
The sea was left uncoloured in order to clearly distinguish it from the land.
The Grimaldi Papers include uncoloured sheets of proofs for the illustrations, hand-coloured sheets of page proofs, manuscript pages, and a pen drawing.
Azalea is an all-vegetable cake margarine that is unsalted, uncoloured and unflavoured, and particularly suitable for fudge icing, cake fillings and ice creams where it will not mask subtle flavours and colours.