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In both Joyce and Herrick the north-south alignment is intended to prevent conception by chaste behavior instead of encouraging uncomely sperm.
How did such an uncomely creature become recognized as the poster child for managing endangered dangered species?
But in this case, the reserves are needed every day, every hour of every day, because the warp is everywhere, because one is supposed to look at one's reflection and see an inferior, uncomely, unwantable thing, because those are the terms for living, that is the conditioning.
The simian advocate John Graham Dalyell had been satirized in the Chaldee Manuscript as a creature with a face "like unto the face of an ape, [who] chattered continually, and his nether parts were uncomely.
And those members of the body, which we think to be less honourable, upon these we bestow [or put on] more abundant honour, and our uncomely parts have more abundant comeliness.
Indignation, quarreling, swelled head, contumely, clamor, and blasphemy served to warn people, allegorically, of the characteristic appearances of their own uncomely moods.