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As the discussion progressed, I was troubled to hear preservice teachers disclose their "uncomfortableness" with race at large and emphasize that discussions about race in the elementary classroom were inappropriate.
But I will answer, noting that uncomfortableness. There was a very important book written in the 1960s called The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas Kuhn, and in it Kuhn uses the word 'paradigm', to describe something sufficiently unprecedented and open-ended.
Margulies has always shined in the quiet moments of uncomfortableness with her powerful husband as more people around them become aware of the state of their marriage.
("Other" Open Responses) Concern 1: Lack of useful data --The uncomfortableness comes from being told to put them in the syllabi, knowing some may not be tailored to your class specifically, and then hoping the students are understanding or at least comprehending most of them, if not at least knowing they are supposed to be?
"There are elements of surprise, exaggeration, uncomfortableness, incongruity, misdirection, and a little bit of a naughty feeling all rolled into one."
The uncomfortableness of being the best friend of the "cancer girl" is realistic and the details of navigating this terrain of disease will be recognizable to anyone who has gone through it.
On the whole, these are much sadder ages than the early ones; not sadder in a noble and deep way, but in a dim wearied way--the way of ennui, and jaded intellect, and uncomfortableness of soul and body' (5.321).
"He's always going to continue to stay in a state of uncomfortableness. This summer was a busy summer for him and yet he always finds time to get his work in, his conditioning.
One interviewee expressed her 'uncomfortableness' and concerns about claims of tenant 'choice':
Nevertheless, new architectural experiences can be unpleasurable and valuable anyway, like those causing uncomfortableness, tension and controlled danger (Fig.
Both Al Rais and Kazem's works at Art Dubai seem to be telling stories which exhibit an uncomfortableness about what is happening is some areas.