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Furcron said the uncommonness of their store has been an advantage in bringing in customers.
One probable explanation for this disparity is that similarity facilitates the occurrence of associations, so the uncommonness of syntagmatic responses reflects the absence of a similarity relationship among the members of a syntagm.
For ambiguous statutes in this category, the Court presumes that the government must prove the defendant's awareness of those aspects of the proscribed activity that provide notice of probable regulation: danger and uncommonness.
The old rules of courtly favor that set limits to expectations, and the gallantry that prescribed male conduct, were greeted by female modesty, if not chastity, and hinted at female uncommonness, beauty.
The reasons for the uncommonness of waterborne virus outbreaks in groundwater systems are unclear.
At the outset, it is important to bear in mind that, so far as any decisions the legal system must make in a given case are concerned, the question of suggestiveness fundamentally depends on the facts of the particular case and not on the commonness or uncommonness of a given style of interrogation.
The uncommonness of their arrival on beaches made the coco de mer as rare as ambergris, another highly valued offering from the sea.
4) The uncommonness of the drawing as a whole elicited comments too: M.
One assumes that he has in mind a degree of uncommonness greater than the differences between, say, English and Hebrew.
Alfred Metraux wrote: "The Amazonian Indian tends to feel the presence of supernatural beings in any manifestation of Nature whose uncommonness or majesty surprise him.