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The learner does not incorporate the TL equivalent provided by the teacher because the learner does not seem to have fully identified the TL equivalent due to ignorance about it or its uncommonness in use/structure.
Perhaps the secret of her stardom lies in her uncommonness, a characteristic that film professor Paul MacDonald identifies as vital for a star (MacDonald, 180).
Just like Smetana Fibich made major demands on performance and endowed his works with an aura of the uncommonness that is not compatible with everyday theatre (concert) practice.
Both are weighty associations to make with this character, associations which are invited particularly by the uncommonness of the name.
The second reason proposed by Margolin for the uncommonness of first person plural narratives calls for a more thorough exploration.
Here we can count four instances of 'semantic short circuits' (petticure, gun-drop, enwrapped, and you could argue discomposed as well, both because of its uncommonness and because it seems to point to the more frequently used elements decomposed and discomfort).
Furcron said the uncommonness of their store has been an advantage in bringing in customers.
One probable explanation for this disparity is that similarity facilitates the occurrence of associations, so the uncommonness of syntagmatic responses reflects the absence of a similarity relationship among the members of a syntagm.
Some regulatory crimes are "public welfare offenses." These are crimes in which "a reasonable person should know" that [the proscribed activity] is subject to stringent public regulation and may seriously threaten the community's health or safety." For ambiguous statutes in this category, the Court presumes that the government must prove the defendant's awareness of those aspects of the proscribed activity that provide notice of probable regulation: danger and uncommonness. (180) Today, traditional mens rea applies to regulatory crimes generally.
The old rules of courtly favor that set limits to expectations, and the gallantry that prescribed male conduct, were greeted by female modesty, if not chastity, and hinted at female uncommonness, beauty.
The reasons for the uncommonness of waterborne virus outbreaks in groundwater systems are unclear.