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The Iranian government has been exceedingly uncommunicative about the gasfield talks.
The Good, the Great, and the Unfriendly" provides guidance for developing a Friends group for public and academic libraries; explains how to merge a Friends group with a foundation; gives pointers on encouraging Friends to attract new and active members, working with the Friends board to develop leadership skills, and other crucial partnership strategies; addresses the sticky situation of "unfriendly" Friends, with sage advice on handling Friends who seem unmotivated when it comes to fundraising or advocacy, are uncommunicative, overstep their bounds, and other difficult issues; and shares fundraising, advocacy, programs, and membership development best practices from Friends groups across the country.
This book describes silent, uncommunicative, or unheard characters, in addition to those with limited or unusual voices outside normal spoken language, in fiction, film, and television shows set in Appalachia, and the reasons for their lack of communication, their behavior, and their relationships with other characters.
You would also hope to find a server with a welcoming beaming face in full uniform, not uncommunicative and in a T-shirt.
Miss Marks told the hearing he became more isolated and uncommunicative and, she later found, was using legal high drugs bought online.
She is slight, lovely, and uncommunicative, living with a severe form of autism that prevents her from speaking, except within the confines of her mind, where she proves to be an empathetic and hopeful girl.
Acypayam's neighbors in Bursa told Vatan that he was generally uncommunicative and used to make the sweets that he sold in the ground floor of his house.
Unfortunately, Aislyn's lengthy and similar descriptions of Charisma's effects, uncommunicative medical personnel, missing-doctor searches, and a budding romance amid evading the hordes following her become somewhat unwieldy and unrealistic.
2, has been critical of Grealish's dad for not making up his mind and being uncommunicative as they look to secure his services.
It's made us lazy, uncommunicative, impatient and, worst of all, it's become one of the biggest and most enjoyable ways to waste time ever.
The star witness was an uncommunicative Ismay who seemed to be trying neither to incriminate nor justify himself.