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Uncompensated risk is risk that can be eliminated with diversification and, unlike systematic or compensated risk, investors cannot expect added return for assuming more uncompensated risk.
SB 5720 would provide employers two options for paying workers for past, uncompensated rest breaks: the uncompensated amount across three years, plus interest, or a payment equaling 4.
Large increases in unmet need for the uninsured are likely because the additional costs would require a fourfold increase in provider funding of uncompensated care from current levels.
Jay Kaplan, president of the American College of Emergency Physicians, wrote in a letter sent to CMS in November that leaving the uncompensated care burden out of new types of Medicare reimbursement arrangements could hurt some types of physicians more than others.
Texas and the federal government have long sparred over uncompensated care funding.
Noting that Medicaid has escaped the cutbacks experienced by other welfare programs, such as food stamps, they observe that "Given that hospitals are an important political force at all levels of government, the factors requiring hospitals to provide uncompensated care may thus have unintentionally assured Medicaid's long-term political stability.
1) The program supported about 36% of total uncompensated care costs for hospitals in 2001 and about 30% in 2008 (Hadley et al.
If a [not equal to] 0, it is called uncompensated lateral acceleration.
Within this condition, the labour supply of highly-skilled high-wage individuals is expected to reveal that the uncompensated wage elasticity is negative.
Justice Ginsburg's reference to uncompensated care came from a White House talking point.
The hospital's uncompensated care charges were $15.
Providers attempt to recover these uncompensated care dollars primarily by increasing charges for those with private insurance," according to the report.