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Moreover, Marina said that passengers of an uncompleted voyage or any trip that commenced but failed to reach its port of destination have the right to information, right to comparable transport to intended destination or to a place nearest thereto, right to amenities, and right to compensation.
There were seven uncompleted projects for Region 4A costing about P522.11 million, which involves PWS and FMRs.
Choice of the contractor organization for the construction of the object demolition and utilization of the uncompleted object on the ul.
It said councils need powers to act on uncompleted schemes, including making it easier to compulsory purchase land where homes remain unbuilt, and to be able to charge developers full council tax for every unbuilt development from the point that the original planning permission expires.
You do not supply the retailer's identity, so this advice is general, but it does seem absurd an eight-week job is uncompleted 18 months later.
This acquisition includes approximately 4,600 net acres in Reeves County, Texas, interests in two producing operated 4,500 foot horizontal Wolfcamp wells, six operated drilled but uncompleted Wolfcamp wells, and one non-operated 10,000 foot lateral Wolfcamp currently waiting on completion.
Resolute assumed operations on the acquired properties on 1 May 2017, and commenced fracing operations on the first of six drilled but uncompleted wells on 4 May.
MIRPUR (AJK) -- AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan Thursday said his government will ensure the early completion of the uncompleted reconstruction and rehabilitation projects in earthquake affected areas of AJK.
He added that previous governments done nothing for the betterment of the area and still the works on the said project was uncompleted which cause problem to the local peoples of the area.
Russia's No 2 oil producer Lukoil said it had commenced arbitration proceedings in London against China's Sinopec over an uncompleted $1.2 billion deal.
Literary persons of twin cities have protested against the uncompleted work on Faiz Ahmed Faiz Auditorium project and demanded government to complete it so that atleast literary persons will be have a place to gather and share their thoughts
Building work lies uncompleted, venues in disrepair, rubble everywhere - it sounds like a recipe for disaster.