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% Complaint (&&) Impaired contrast emptying 101 82.11 ODS Rectocele <2 cm 41 33.33 Split evacuation/ digitation >2 cm 33 26.82 POP 49 39.83 Prolapse sensation Uncompliant rectum 40 32.52 Urgency Anastomotic stricture/granuloma 35 28.45 Pain Nonrelaxing puborectalis muscle 24 19.51 Tenesmus Intussusception 15 12.19 Incomplete evacuation Rectal pocket 7 5.69 Fecal blockade Anal sphincter damage/scarring 6 4.87 Incontinence Rectovaginal fistula 2 1.62 Passage of air/ discharge Diverting colostomy 1 0.81 Prior pelvic sepsis (&) More than one finding for patient; (&&) occurring >60% of times.
The artwork remains as silent and uncompliant as the Mantuan landscape.
The monstrous Greer, loud, uncompliant, anti-establishment-at least in some public manifestations-seeks to decapitate-with all the attendant connotations of emasculation-another man-made monster, a creature whose vital statistics are quite clearly fantastic.
It seems obvious, though, that justified anger is at the core of Bernhard's persona - the ire of all women, all ugly people, all those with uncompliant dispositions or societally inconvenient desires.
'Tis the grand disadvantage of our Mortal condition, to have our Soul consorted with a disproportionate and uncompliant Vehicle, and to have her aspiring Wings pinn'd down to the ground.
While most vendors, still uncompliant with 161A, were uncomfortable, the RFP contained a clause which would allow the winning company to ask for a one-year waiver of compliance to allow it to catch up.
Like the winds of the equinox she describes in "Haworth Parsonage, 31 March 1855," her words pound and dance across the uncompliant page, and it gives.
The service will reduce the drivers complaints and will prove effective in monitoring uncompliant vehicles and drivers.