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Table-II: Anova Comparisons of birth weight, maternal prolactin and cord blood prolactin between uncomplicated pregnancies, Gestational hypertension, Gestational diabetes and preterm labour groups.
Recent studies suggest that antibiotics may not play a critical role in the management of uncomplicated diverticulitis, particularly left-sided colonic disease (5,6).
"We now have enough data from uncomplicated singleton pregnancies to support the finding that induction of labor from 39 weeks' gestation seems a safe and potentially beneficial option for women," said lead author Dr.
The researchers found that 79 and 21 percent of the 775 infants who were diagnosed with uncomplicated, late-onset GBS bacteremia received a prolonged IV course and a shortened course, respectively.
Only 1% of women with uncomplicated pregnancies had platelet counts less than 100,000/[mm.sup.3] during pregnancy or at delivery, and just five women (0.1%) had unexplained platelet counts below 80,000/[mm.sup.3].
Randomized clinical trial of observational versus antibiotic treatment for a first episode of CT-proven uncomplicated acute diverticulitis.
Treatment options for uncomplicated, chloroquine-resistant P falciparum and P vivax malaria infections in pregnant women in the United States are threatened by the spread of mefloquine resistance in Southeast Asia.
The authors concluded that the meta-analysis suggests cranberry can be a potential non-pharmacological approach for generally healthy women to prevent an uncomplicated recurrent UTI.
Some guidelines [4,7,8] suggest the combination of high-fibre diet and rifaximin in symptomatic uncomplicated diverticular disease for symptoms relief and acute diverticulitis prevention.
However, the question being asked is, "Do all children with uncomplicated appendicitis need appendectomy, or is antibiotic management sufficient?"
Uncomplicated appendicitis occurred in 126 cases, 142 had complex appendicitis and 117 did not have appendicitis.
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