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There is Huchel too, who comes across, despite the inevitable myth-making that has been documented elsewhere, as a remarkably humble man with great integrity, but nevertheless broken by the time he reached the uncomprehending West in 1971--'weaponless', Kunze calls him (p.
The dead ox, no longer pulling the cart, having been driven to death by Mugabe's whip; and the uncomprehending look on Mugabe's face.
One of the running gags is the litany of Italian insults flung at the uncomprehending Mrs.
I can recall the place and circumstances of watching nearly every new film: the Chelsea Cinema on West 19th Street where I saw Persona alone on a mid-week afternoon, the Student Union at SUNY Buffalo where I watched The Magician on a first date with an uncomprehending young woman I never saw again, a theatre in Pittsburgh where Mary and I made a pilgrimage to see what we thought would be the last Bergman film, Fanny and Alexander.
As a rule, I'm generally able to sit down and enjoy a new sport or a contest between unfamiliar teams, but lacrosse left me cold and uncomprehending.
Instead of the glowing log fire and windows tight shuttered against the drifting snow, we have only the harsh glare of an alien sun; instead of the happy circle of loved faces, of home and family, we have the uncomprehending stares of the subjugated, though not doubt grateful, heathen.
Inspired by Japanese Bunraku puppet theatre, an ancient art dating back to the 17th century in which life-sized puppets are manipulated by figures dressed entirely in black, the scenes between the mother and an uncomprehending child took on a deeper emotional aspect than when a real child actor is used.
The last third of the film is the horrendous preparation, as efficiently accomplished as everything else in their successful lives, for their suicide, along with their uncomprehending little daughter.
And yet--direct speech, which is often in dialect, aside--Faulkner's grammar is impeccable, even when he's inside the slow and uncomprehending mind of Benjy in The Sound and the Fury :
He questioned why the lives of uncomprehending patients should be "needlessly prolonged" if doctors had judged them to be no longer worth living.
David Selbourne's The Losing Battle With Islam (1591023629, $28) is an essential key to understanding the modern Islamic revival from 1947 to the present, and how the rise of Muslim fundamentalism in many countries is partially due to an uncomprehending response in Western society.