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The second scene consists of yet another "meeting of antipodes." Chatsky and Molchalin, men whose attitudes to life leave little room for common ground, uncomprehendingly speak past one another in a similar, and even more comical, fashion.
Even in my early teens, I correctly perceived that out of all my family members, the only one who loved me unconditionally, if often uncomprehendingly, was my grandfather.
Cristiano Ronaldo, the modern game's great individualist, could only stand and stare uncomprehendingly as his Madrid team was dismantled.
Instead we (the public) would just be disturbed by what we saw and heard, vaguely and uncomprehendingly.
uncomprehendingly outdated mindset of her long-haired parents.
Like parishioners listening uncomprehendingly to Latin Mass, Zizek explains, the subjects of ideology can accept their lack of full understanding because they have an intimate relation with 'the Other who is supposed to know.' The subject can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with all those who are similarly affected, secure in their relationship to the Extraordinary Thing via their participation with the One Who Knows.
But their curiosity will entice them to kill and maim fantastic numbers of creatures with no defense against such human-introduced animals, and it will urge them to wander uncomprehendingly into fights with animals far tougher than they are and to walk into streets - into streets with cars.
Not only did the veterans of the Bolshevik underground look on political novices from West European parties with contempt; Western Communists often shook their heads uncomprehendingly at the behavior of Soviet apparatchiki.
Dona Resu, the novel's baffled spokesperson for civilized values, interrogates him uncomprehendingly:
Rosenberg's portraits, though competent, were not as exciting as his handful of poems written in the trenches and sent home to the uncomprehendingly conventional Marsh.
Instead, when Hermes tells Eurydice that Orpheus has looked back, Eurydice looks at him uncomprehendingly and questions, "Who." (47).
Or so uncomprehendingly. Luther's gesture launches the Reformation--and with it the de-sacralising of Creation and the destruction of 'a vast and resonant world of symbols' connecting people to immanent meaning.