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They note that Judith effectively "lived alone now," since Ellen is in bed in a "shuttered room" waiting with that "amazed and passive uncomprehension to die" (99).
It's all gone; say the words Flakey Dove and I gape in uncomprehension. I can't remember going to Great Leighs, but maybe I never went.
Wales' recent record is so impressive as to provoke their supporters to a once-familiar pitch of expectation, but there is a certain amount of uncomprehension that Graham Henry, the coach, having built up the side as well as he has, is talking down their chances.
Kaminer's misperception of a saucy advertisement and several humorous articles (cited with equally cynical dourness) is something this reader found howlingly funny in its oh-so-knowing and oh-so-condescending uncomprehension. Poor Kaminer.