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Volkswagen Chariman Martin Winterkorn, said, 'To be a genuine success such an electric car must be affordable to a broad customer base and must be uncompromisingly practical in everyday driving.
Completely independent and uncompromisingly rigorous, it is trusted by retailers, buyers and consumers.
The BMW M1 designed by Giorgio Giugiaro was a car of superlatives and a highly emotive vehicle that was uncompromisingly primed for the race track.
Professor Dr Martin Winterkorn, chairman of the board of management of the Volkswagen Group, believes that for it to be a genuine success an electric car must be affordable to a broad customer base and must be uncompromisingly practical in every day driving.
People in Africa, Washington, Mexico, Sri Lanka, and South Central Los Angeles are being moved to take an uncompromisingly nonviolent, yet strong, stand on issues that range from equal treatment under law and environmental degradation to the availability of healthful and safe food, and community empowerment.
His works are fully and uncompromisingly danced, drawing from his own early classical training--at The Washington School of Ballet, among others--before dancing with the Joffrey Ballet.
He is famous for his raw, occasionally brutal poetry, described as uncompromisingly direct, yet subtle and tender.
By definitive, I mean that I have found myself painting rather uncompromisingly about the unconscious rather than the themed approach I have adopted for many years.
They urge readers to consider maintaining an uncompromisingly high level of ethics despite what others get away with, at least for a time, and comment on using crisis as a platform for positive change, recognizing unenlightened self-interest, restoring corporate trust, tying high ethical standards to governance and free enterprise, and learning from the world's great religions.
The building itself is built in a traditional style in keeping with the local architecture, while, inside, the finish is uncompromisingly contemporary.
Whether she's singing about having crushes on "Co-op Girlz," or living in a town midway to nowhere on "Small Town," Reid is uncompromisingly queer.