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If we look at the very opening of the film, after having seen all of the film, we can also begin to appreciate the degree to which Kubrick has positioned the film-viewing audience as so many apes gathered before a monolith (the movie screen) about to have a propriative event where what has always been before us is given a "clearing" that permits something "new" to unconceal itself.
The propriative moment is essentially ungrounded; that is, it appears to be "inevitable," but this is an effect of its constitutional capacity to foreclose on other imaginable alternatives by the very way it unconceals itself.
A separate lane for license-holders had to be created so gun-holders could enter without having to pull out their weapons, or unconceal them, along with their wallets and keys.
By learning through thinking, the student is able to unconceal the truths of existence or essential nature of being-in-the-world.
This individualises the students by asking each of them to engage with disclosing activities which unconceal and make coherent their purposes.
Such entries serve to unconceal and articulate some of the assumed taken-for-granted understandings that pre-service teachers often hold but rarely examine.