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Solicitor General Jose Calida announced with unconcealed alacrity that his office will appeal the decision of Judge Andres Soriano nixing an arrest warrant against Sen.
The party boss berated the anti-graft agency for its 'unconcealed bias in their execution of the anti-corruption war in the country.'
The political discourse of the past week featured concealed handguns and unconcealed sex toys on college campuses, a continuing legal fight over which public restrooms are open to which people and a loathsome local political leader whose demise delighted the elders of his own Republican Party.
With unconcealed cynicism, the Russian ambassador to the UN justified his "No" vote by saying the resolution would be counterproductive and lead to greater tension in the region.
The show consisted of a series of seventeen plastic-and-metal sculptures, "Coloring the WiFi Network," 2014-, antennae covered in industrial paint, which emitted a Wi-Fi signal with the help of a modified router installed on the floor, unconcealed. Most of the sculptures were installed on a platform in the center of the space, and the viewer was invited to stroll around them, to move about while observing the work.
Once he was a tiny innocent baby Whose birth made a loving young family complete But now he sits hunched and alone in the city centre shop doorway With a grubby begging bowl placed at his feet Most people walk uncaringly past him Without so much as a sideways glance While others wear expressions of unconcealed disgust As if somehow taking a high moral stance A few more kindly people pause to drop a few coins in the bowl Noticing the grimy clothes and the lined ravaged face Aware and grateful that if their own lives had been different They could so easily have been sitting in his place For what happened in the life of that tiny new born child That brought him to this sad and desperate fate?
I also reported how the last racist laws of the National Party government was finally removed from our country's statute books; and then recorded, with unconcealed glee, the death of the 100-year-old National Party that had been in power from 1948.
The contempt for him and everything he represents is unconcealed.
The ruling concerns the case of a man arrested for having an unconcealed handgun in his car-a "public place," the court decided, making his handgun illegal.
However, I will pause today on George Bush and Senator Joe Lieberman, as there is a kind of wantonness and unconcealed deceit which US media should not ignore while being divided between the war gang and the liberal wing in US politics.
Deputy Foreign Minister of Georgia, Giga Bokeria said: "This is an unconcealed annexation of these territories, which are a part of Georgia."
The other child who has managed to escape this madhouse, but returns for the funeral, is Maurice's twin sister Queenie, now a journalist in California who has adopted an American persona and views the old country with unconcealed contempt.