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36 each for concealed and unconcealed groups and both the groups were administered the semi-structured questionnaire, Ways of Coping (Folkman S and Lazarus RS, 1985) and The Psychological Wellbeing Index (Dupuy, 1984) and the data were analysed using SPSS version 20.
Most puzzling were the unconcealed tympana of these species, combined with tiny auditory spiracles and other characteristics, each typical of a different subfamily.
The Pakistani claim, as is to be expected, is steeped more on their unconcealed rivalry with India than on anything else.
Like most states, Ohio doesn't restrict the carry of unconcealed, loaded firearms in public.
The Grand Mufti's positions, statements, and meetings with all the Lebanese are unconcealed and steady towards both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Arab consensus; every contrarious publication is unfounded," the statement read.
The outlet possessed the same style as its other branch " the industrial look with unconcealed pipes on the ceiling, the granite-like tables, the plastic and metal chairs and the vertical garden.
The bill, signed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott last June, acknowledges Texans' natural right to bear arms, both concealed and unconcealed.
The rising significance of the residential rented sector is creating unconcealed opportunities for investors, especially where prices have reached reasonable levels.
Investors and tourists in Germany and the rest of Europe read these critical judgments and unconcealed warnings.
The footage from the prison appears to be shot on an unconcealed camera, raising questions about whether higher-level officials covered up the crimes.
Martin Skrtel appeared to stamp on De Gea, ensuring the match ended on a fitting note - white noise and unconcealed rage.
Faisal accepted the gift with unconcealed joy on his face, and then the invisible wires lifted him up and placed him safely back onto the field with the glowing orb in his hands.