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No; he merely came and freed me from the hands of Signor Vampa, where, I can assure you, in spite of all my outward appearance of ease and unconcern, I did not very particularly care to remain.
We must try to pass off such moments with an appearance of unconcern.
According to Kashmir media service, the Chairman of All Parties Hurriyat Conference, Syed Ali Gilani in a statement in Srinagar said that the Indian authorities' insensitivity and unconcern was the sole reason for this unabated bloodshed.
Perhaps the most difficult Lenten sacrifice to make is not to eat seafood-in fact, it's something of a treat to eat seafood when the weather is as oppressive as it has been-but to keep one's temper in the face of bumbling ineptitude or complete unconcern.
The association decried the unconcern attitude of the president who it said was yet to make any strong statement on Benue attacks.
Criticizing the silence of the world community, he said that their insensitivity and unconcern was the sole reason for the unabated bloodshed.
The APHC chairman said New Delhi's insensitivity and unconcern is the sole reason for the unabated bloodshed in Kashmir and is pushing youth to the wall.
Parts of Birmingham's identity are its enthusiasm for the motor car and its resistance to the bicycle, the builtin obsolescence and temporariness of its redevelopment, its confusion of size with quality, its unconcern for history and its wilful destruction of previous generations' architecture.
The only account citizens are held accountable is their role for voting into power irresponsible leaders who are unconcern of their suffering.
In particular, it expresses concern with regard to your callous unconcern for others, low tolerance for frustration and incapacity to experience guilt.
Such might also be the case in explaining the racialist response of average Germans to the presence of large numbers of foreign laborers in their midst, as well as the general unconcern at the bitter fate of Jews, Soviet POWs, and the Slavic population under German occupation.
The man who walked up to Kumar and asked him to play the way "you played in Test matches" and watched with unconcern from the other end the block-and-tackle rituals.