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Spence remains unconcerned though and said: "I've never shed any tears over a player leaving and I don't lose sleep about it.
BIG HITTER : Alex Hales says the T20 side are unconcerned by the team's Test and one-day results
According to the survey, 43% of respondents were concerned about meeting all their monthly debt obligations, such as credit cards and loans, 40% were unconcerned, and 12% were neither concerned nor unconcerned.
Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho was unconcerned with the wayward shooting of his expensive attackers in Wednesday's 2-0 Champions League victory over and insisted the goals would soon flow.
However unconcerned Will later brushed off the incident, tellingmore than 500 fans: "I shoo parking tickets away - let it be taken up by the courts.
PETER REID is unconcerned by the pressure he will come under as the newly appointed coach of Thailand.
Leading local layers Jem Racing have accrued a liability of approaching pounds 14,000 on the Dave Lewis-trained local, with punters clearly unconcerned that he has trap six in the all-railer decider.
That the rest of the world's population had to be devastated in the process is a minor issue to these gods, traditionally unconcerned with the fate of humans.
Although all players have signed a charter agreeing not to gamble on the tournament, FIFA said that refers to 'professional betting' at bookmakers or online and are unconcerned about the reports from the Australia camp.
To depart unconcerned with any idea of return and perhaps
Many of your readers for the most part are unconcerned, unlearned, naive and who almost never read the editorial pages of a metropolitan daily newspaper.