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The scene they came upon was of a young officer unconcernedly paddling about in a collapsible canvas boat.
Instead she offers a tiny vignette of one minor but telling incident in Thoreau's narrative: a scene where the author encounters an old man and his son unconcernedly loading seaweed cast up in abundance by the storm, with no thought to the dozens of bodies washed up nearby.
For all the fetishization of choice, Americans are taught by their institutions that there is only one way to live: casually, unconcernedly, without strong connections to anything but the provider state and its flag.
However, he leaps unconcernedly thence to Bernard of Clairvaux, seemingly ignoring the 700-odd years in between.
We set up my Leupold spotting scope and they showed me my first Himalayan ibex, feeding unconcernedly.
Cuba thumbs its nose at us, the European parliament unconcernedly puts an end to the seal hunt, and the Chinese still refuse to take the simple step of designating Canada an 'approved travel destination.
Sometime between the sack race and the steeplechase I rang Gerald Delamere and asked unconcernedly what had won the Chesham.
Land Army girls, farmers, and little boys who might once have crammed the roadway to see one tank now turn their backs unconcernedly on the ceaseless military traffic passing throughout England at intervals as precise as telephone poles," Newsweek's London correspondent wrote.
The White activists employed these traditions to model the democratic energies to their fellow White citizens who had succumbed to the racist power structure, willing its oppression on the Black communities unconcernedly.
Porter claimed to know nothing about the stunt, and thus reacted unconcernedly to how her image was used, expressing delight at the fuss it had caused.
Jim, standing by unconcernedly, warned a neighbor not to go to Abigail's aid.
But what is so striking about "Saturday Mornings" is that it is entirely without conflict, that it dwells unconcernedly in happiness, that any explicit anticipation of elegy is left out.