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adjective absolute, categorical, complete, not limited by conditions, purus, simplex, unchecked, unconfined, unqualified, utter, without conditions, without reservations
Associated concepts: unconditional claim, unconditional guaranty, unconditional pardon, unconditional payment, unconditional promise, unconditional refusal
See also: absolute, categorical, complete, comprehensive, outright, peremptory, strict, unlimited, unmitigated, unqualified, unrestricted

HEIR, UNCONDITIONAL. A term used in the civil law, adopted by the Civil Code of Louisiana. Unconditional heirs are those who inherit without any reservation, or without making an inventory, whether their acceptance be express or tacit. Civ. Code of Lo. art. 878.

UNCONDITIONAL. That which is without condition; that which must be performed without regard to what has happened or may happen.

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6 million households, who are currently being registered to become beneficiaries of the unconditional cash transfer program under the TRAIN Law, will get their P2,400 in August.
Correct your undertaking related to unconditional apology and file the reply again.
However, Matti Ullah Jan sought few days to consult his lawyer to make any statement as to whether he intended to contest the proceedings or to tender unconditional apology as other respondents intended to.
He openly ridiculed the judiciary [in the past] but he was forgiven after he sought an unconditional apology.
When the court asked Noorani whether he would tender an unconditional apology under Section 5 of Contempt of Court Ordinance 2003 or not, he hesitated for a while and then clearly stated that he did not want to apologize as that would be acceptance on his part the mala fide contention.
managing director of public markets, said: "It could be tempting to accept an unconditional offer immediately, but it's best to wait and review all your offers together so you can make an informed decision.
If you accept the Offer on orpriorto 16 June 2017, and it is declared unconditional on 19 June 2017, you wil be paid no later than Wednesday, 28 June 2017.
Although the report is suggesting the the refund offer is an unconditional, no-questions-asked sort of deal, Samsung could still impose some exemptions.
Those results notwithstanding, the expense of shipping the item to all prospective donors exceeded the larger donations gained from the recipients of unconditional gifts.
It is my intention to talk about the unconditional love and faithful courage I witnessed.
31 August 2015 - UK-based education company Promethean World's (LSE: PRW) offer for Chinese multiplayer online games developer NetDragon WebSoft Inc has not yet become unconditional, Promethean said.
All too often, as parents become worried about the child's future, anxiety enters in and transmits itself so that kids themselves feel pressure to perform and alleviate such cares - almost as if to recreate the original, natural and unconditional flow of affection.