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Because unconditioned leaves tended to float, leaf disks in Experiment 1 were pinned to the bottom of the petri dish.
In this study, plumular apex explants isolated from unconditioned mature embryos or preconditioned with 20 mg/l BA for 10 days were cultured on MS medium supplemented with 0.
In transcendence there is the question of the mediation between two realms, the conditioned and the unconditioned.
sys] for both HPWHs in conditioned and unconditioned space is shown in Figure 2.
Sweet first highlights how, in the Transcendental Dialectic of the first Critique, reason is "characterized by a kind of striving, how reason's demand for the unconditioned takes shape in relation to nature (as what is conditioned), and how reason demands an unconditioned causality (freedom) that is the cause of the whole of what is (world).
Israeli government first approved Egypt's proposal of unconditioned ceasefire and the start of negotiations on the ultimate resolution of the conflict three weeks ago.
He stressed that the important aspect of the President of the Republic invitation for dialogue is that the dialogue contains an open issues and are available and unconditioned for all the Sudanese leaderships , indicating that the issues represented for dialogue concerns all the Sudanese people and community and require the efforts of all the Sudanese people and the political forces.
Energy Provisions shall apply to buildings and building clusters that have connected load of minimum 100 Kilo Watt, contract demand of minimum 125 KVA, conditioned area of 900m2, and unconditioned buildings of covered area of 1,200m2 or more, he expressed.
The categories must be grasped as rooted in a single, underlying structure, and they systematically lead into forms of error when we try to apply them to the unconditioned (the categories cannot be identical with the structures of transcendental reality).
If a home had a basement, that was assumed to be the unconditioned space location where the HPWH was installed.
He expressed hopes that exercising the right to impose a veto would not turn into a conditioned or even unconditioned reflex because the instrument, even though it was a constitutionally enshrined right of the President, was not to be devalued.