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Over a third (35%) of young women would rate themselves as unconfident in interview situations, compared to just 18 per cent of young men.
We're not an unconfident group but we're just lacking a bit of composure at the moment.
Lots of us love wildflowers but can feel unconfident around them and want to know more.
For French organizations, however, the problem is somewhat worse with 20 percent saying their confidence level in their ability to find all customer data is low--ranging from extremely unconfident to slightly unconfident.
Although a score over 100 shows more consumers are confident than unconfident, the index has yet to get back to the levels it was at before June's referendum, YouGov and the Cebr said.
The actress wanted Sheila to appear a "bit overweight" and unconfident in the beginning of the show to better show off her transformation after her death.
You're left feeling unhappy and unconfident about yourself.
Print Rating Motivation Confidence (n = 77) (n = 70) Very motivated or confident 32 8 Somewhat motivated or confident 18 14 Neutral 12 6 Somewhat unmotivated or unconfident 4 20 Very unmotivated or unconfident 8 22 Unmotivated or unconfident 0 -- Depends on the task 3 -- Braille Rating Motivation Confidence (n = 77) (n = 46) Very motivated or confident 14 18 Somewhat motivated or confident 32 18 Neutral 8 0 Somewhat unmotivated or unconfident 13 6 Very unmotivated or unconfident 7 4 Unmotivated or unconfident 0 -- Depends on the task 3 -- Table 5 Frequency of students' reading for pleasure using various media.
This time around we are looking for very experienced owners who have dealt with separation anxiety and settling in unconfident dogs.
kmax] in unconfident D numbers combination rule and [V.
We were curious to dig deep and find out what made motorists unconfident behind the wheel," said James Wilkinson, CEO of car finance experts, Zuto, who commissioned the survey.