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Everything else about Marwan's clandestine activities is unconfirmable; falsehoods at worst and rumors at best.
Miranda's speculations ask us to see beyond the spectacles on stage, but they also differ from one of the most common sorts of missing moments that Simon Palfrey identifies in Shakespeare's plays: the "reported but not witnessed, or possible but unconfirmable" scene.
That proposal, Stang said, is "unconfirmable" by the creditors.
It has been argued that ideology alone is unlikely to render a candidate unconfirmable provided his qualifications scores are high; if a nominee lacks sufficient qualifications, ideology can derail a nomination.
(105) In In re Putnam, the bankruptcy court commented that "[t]his does not mean, of course, that a debtor can move out of his home the day before bankruptcy and then modify his home loan; such manipulation and trickery would be evidence of bad faith which might render a plan unconfirmable pursuant to [section] 1129(a)(3) of the Code." (106) Although neither of these reactions has any precedential value, together they suggest that some judges' initial reactions to the move-out strategy will be negative.
In June 2002, a naval skirmish in the West Sea at the disputed Northern Limit Line (NLL) between North and South Korea left five South Korean sailors dead and some 22 wounded, along with unconfirmed (and unconfirmable) reports of casualties from the North.
1992) (describing control contest between former management and shareholders that resulted in an unconfirmable plan proposing only a nominal distribution to unsecured creditors); see also H.
As the Lenders will vote to reject the Plan, the Plan is patently unconfirmable.
A second issue that may arise regarding death trap provisions at the disclosure hearing is that courts may refuse to approve a reorganization plan where, on its face, it is unconfirmable. Although courts typically will not determine whether a plan unfairly discriminates against an impaired class or is not fair and equitable at this stage in the process, where it is clear to a court that the plan may not later be confirmed, the court may simply prevent the plan from progressing any further.
The problem with this, Smolin explains, is that string theory is not really a theory in the scientific sense of the word; it is unsupported by experiment, unfalsifiable, and unconfirmable. In this detailed explanation of a controversial subject, Smolin, a physicist and founder of the Perimeter Institute, explains how string theory rose to such eminence despite its major flaws, in doing so, he reviews the greatest challenge facing theoretical physics today: the search for a unified-field theory.
Bolton unconfirmable in the eyes of the Senate, then talented Americans have no place in our government.
26, 2004), reprinted in Irrecusable and Unconfirmable, 7 Green Bag 2d 277, 280 (2004).