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Unconfirmed reports claim that a gunman attempted to take control of the cockpit.
PML-N's Malik Saiful Malook Khokhar won by-polls in PP-165 by bagging 28589 votes, according to unofficial and unconfirmed results.
Although police are initially treating the shooting as "unconfirmed", a full investigation is under way.
'Unconfirmed news of an increase in cement retail price by upto Rs10/bag in the north gave momentum to the sector; DG Khan Cement DGKC PA +4.0%, Fauji Cement FCCL PA +4.0%, Maple Leaf Cement MLCF PA +3.7% all closed higher on reported local buying,' said Jafar.
The unconfirmed reports circulated on social media platforms say that Georgian authorities were forcing citizens to go back to the UAE.
Simon Mann, of Public Health England, said: "Parents must decide for themselves if they wish to have souvenir scans and balance the benefits against unconfirmed risk to the unborn child."
Belk Black Friday 2017 Store Hours (Unconfirmed)
According to unconfirmed reports, methamphetamine use is common in the northern areas of North Korea bordering China, and the drug is apparently widespread across multiple strata of society, reflecting its prevalence and relatively low-cost.
Some unconfirmed reports said that the cricketer-turned philanthropist-turned politician had already married somebody in London.
The move is likely to cause hardships for mill owners as unconfirmed data reveals 800 flour mills, mostly in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, have already shut down due to one reason or the other.
Police were called at 4.40pm on Thursday after an unconfirmed report that someone had fallen from the wrong side of the railings.