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shallow marine paralic (at or near sea level) and shelf sands laid down on an unconformable surface of a regressive marine shale (Barnes and others, 1996); and
Another pair of (canonically) conjugated observables which are unconformable in relation with the CIUR ideas is given by energy E and time t.
The Owl Creek comprises the top of the Cretaceous section with the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary as its upper contact; a basal sand marks its lower, unconformable contact with the Ripley Formation.
Unconformable conglomeratic levels evidence erosion and the development of a levelled surface.
12a), which are consistent with an angular unconformable relationship between lithologically similar strata above and below the contact.
But he admitted: "There is an unconformable feeling that some people just do pop in to make their mark and go.
Bhatt, who has been in loggerheads with the much-praised Gujarat Chief Minister, has shot out several unconformable questions, which tantamount to serious charges against Modi, in his letter.
The unconformable relationship between the basins provides a migration pathway at the Permian sub-crop edge for the Permian sourced oils to reach these overlying reservoir rocks.
z]--[partial derivative] (angular momentum--azimuthal angle) was and still is regarded as being unconformable to the accepted mathematical rules of Quantum Mechanics (QM) (see [1-24]).
The sedimentary package in the area of the Lened property consists of three major unconformable successions.
The upper contact of the Cooper Member is shown by Chatterjee (1986) as unconformable.