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* transgressive sheet sands laid down on a regionally extensive unconformable surface (Barnes and others, 1996);
(i) In reality the pair [L.sub.z]-[psi] is unconformable only in respect with the secondary and limited piece which is RSUR (2);
The top of the Chiwapa (i.e., the Ripley-Owl Creek formational contact) is unconformable and the basal Owl Creek sand often contains the trace fossil Ophiomorpha sp.
As a result of complexity, fewer and fewer significant planning decisions are taken by the polity or its elected representatives because the sorts of deliberations suitable for such bodies cannot include those that are time-sensitive or unconformable with the yea/nay coding structure of the political system.
Furthermore, the anticipation of such a review process leads chief executives to be careful in their nominations--"unconformable" is a well-accepted excuse for not putting a person's name forward.
Elsewhere in Indiana, the upper and lower contacts of the New Harmony are unconformable to Silurian rocks below and Middle Devonian rocks above.
Unklesbay (1952) commented on a channel sandstone unconformable on a tilted Marmaton limestone in Boone County.
In the inner part of the basin the two successions are unconformable due to an erosion surface, The third stage began with a drastic change of fluviatile drainage.
The upper contact is unconformable either with the overlying Nagri Formation of the Siwaliks Group in the SFTB or with the Nari Formation in the KFTB (Shah, 2009).
Its lower contact with early Permian Warch Sandstone is Unconformable and is marked by a Muscovite bearing Lateritic band while it has conformably transitional upper contact with Middle Eocene Nammal formation.
Former President Daniel arap Moi was admitted at a hospital in Tel Aviv, Israel, following "an unconformable knee."