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The unconformity target was intersected at 676m with a total depth of 720m.
In these areas, the depth to the unconformity is less than 50 metres.
Historic exploration efforts focused on the Derkson Corridor, where SMDC encountered uranium mineralization near the unconformity averaging 0.
The depth to unconformity ranged from 807 to 833 metres.
In the current drilling, a very significant zone of hematite alteration was intersected in basement rocks at the unconformity, under the better-mineralized uranium zone in the drill holes FCL 001-003.
83%U3O8) at the unconformity in multiple drill holes.
One historical uranium vein deposit, located just outside the edge of the Athabasca unconformity on the Snowbird Tectonic Zone, was mined in the past (Nisto Mine, 1952).
8ppm U) cutting the sandstone near the unconformity.
029% U3O8), from 507 metres to 517 metres (continuously sampled) in sandstone and schists at the unconformity target horizon.
The portfolio of properties provides exploration opportunities for economic unconformity uranium deposits and Eagle Point type uranium deposits.
In this region, the Athabasca unconformity is within 50 metres of surface, and uranium mineralization is reported throughout the sandstone column.