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The graphitic faults, which are known to control the location of Hurricane zone mineralization further west, will be targeted at the unconformity during the next drilling program.
There is also potential for further unconformity related sub-basin sandstone Zn Pb mineralisation along strike.
All pockmarks in each seismic line were found to be confined to the Holocene unit although some terminated at the unconformity. A small mound of sediment found at the level of the unconformity directly under a pockmark (Fig.
Keywords: Alpine Tethys, Unconformity, Jurassic, Paleogeography, Sedimentology, Eastern Sardinia-Corsica Tectonic high
The Sagavanirktok Formation lies near the top in the upper Brookian layer, underlain by an unconformity at the start of the Cenozoic era, 65 million years ago.
(1998) described at least a low angle unconformity to strong erosional contact.
Assuming that the tectonic deformation occurs in sequential cycles and each subsequent tectonic stage stratum is separated by a regional unconformity, we algorithmize these assumptions.
Lower boundary in Maroosk has unconformity with Jurassic sediments and upper boundary has unconformity with red conglomerates of neogene, too.
Petrie, "Synthetic model testing and distributed acquisition dc resistivity results over an unconformity uranium target from the Athabasca Basin, northern Saskatchewan," The Leading Edge, vol.
The Permian sea's last regression period occurred at the end of this system, which is why the upper boundary of the Permian strata in Iran is commonly discontinuous but has a type of parallel unconformity (disconformity).
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In addition, stratigraphic unconformity is well developed between Toutunhe Formation and the underlying Xishanyao Formation.