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have an interest beyond its "unconfused array" of fact and
It is just the claim that there are some moral questions on which it is possible for at least minimally rational, conceptually unconfused thinkers to disagree, despite having all the same relevant nonmoral beliefs.
without contravening the opinion of the residents of the Mahavihara which is quite pure, unconfused, (and) a recondite interpretation of (its) meaning" (p.
in [Jesus], in one person and being, two natures come together; a divine nature and a human nature, and the two natures are unconfused and unchanged, indivisible and inseparable.' The wisdom of this definition lay in its essentially negative nature.
Preserving Chalcedonian Christology requires that we affirm Christ is truly God, truly human, truly the personal union of these two; and that Christ is unconfused, unchanged, undivided, unseparated, in a less static manner than that provided by an Aristotelian or late-Platonic metaphysic.
More than a few rank-and-filers in the crowd, unconfused about which side they're on, seemed to agree with the man beside me who, arms firmly crossed, said, "What the hell are they cheering for?"
In this account, alloiosis or the communicatio idiomatum is the 'grammatical and real transference of the names and properties of both unconfused natures of Christ on their one person'.
Now observe the fineness and marvelous distinctness of the various sun-illumined fabrics into which the water is woven: they sift and float from form to form down the face of that grand gray rock in so leisurely and unconfused a manner that you can examine their texture, and patterns, and tones of color as you would a piece of embroidery held in the hand.
Entering confident and unconfused into any assembly.
Through our own personal divinization in Christ, we imitate, by an interpenetrating participation or filiation in him, the unified activity of the unconfused natures in his personal unity.
Jane Austen''s (1775-1816) unconfused men are Henry Tilney (NA), Edward Ferrers (S&S), Fitzwilliam Darcy (P&P), Edmund Bertram (MP), 5.
The link between Christology and Mariology is confirmed by the most pithy statement of the Council of Ephesus on Mary: "According to this understanding of the unconfused union, we confess the holy virgin to be the mother of God because God the Word took flesh and became man and from his very conception united to himself the temple he took from her" (Norman P.