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However, they were all waiting--all the sixteen or twenty pilgrims of them--for something; and upon my word it did not seem an uncongenial occupation, from the way they took it, though the only thing that ever came to them was disease--as far as I could see.
Joe's blue eyes turned a little watery; he rubbed, first one of them, and then the other, in a most uncongenial and uncomfortable manner, with the round knob on the top of the poker.
But my mind dwelt so much upon the uncongenial scene in which I had left her, and I pictured it as such an overshadowed stony-hearted one, and I so longed to be near her and taking some sort of care of her, that I determined to go back in the evening only to look up at her windows.
It was with a strange feeling of desolation, mingled with a strong sense of the novelty of my situation, and a joyless kind of curiosity concerning what was yet unknown, that I awoke the next morning; feeling like one whirled away by enchantment, and suddenly dropped from the clouds into a remote and unknown land, widely and completely isolated from all he had ever seen or known before; or like a thistle-seed borne on the wind to some strange nook of uncongenial soil, where it must lie long enough before it can take root and germinate, extracting nourishment from what appears so alien to its nature: if, indeed, it ever can.
He was often sent to the Continent--to France, Flanders, and Italy--on diplomatic missions; and for eleven years he was in charge of the London customs, where the uncongenial drudgery occupied almost all his time until through the intercession of the queen he was allowed to perform it by deputy.
Lawrence, whence the sensitive soul looked so distrustfully forth, as ever ready to retire within, from the offences of a too rude, too uncongenial world.
In the first alarm and anxiety arising from our sympathy with a sweet young friend, not wholly to be dissociated from one of the gladiators in the bloodless arena in question (the impropriety of Miss Reynolds's appearing to stab herself in the hand with a pin, is far too obvious, and too glaringly unladylike, to be pointed out), we descended from our maiden elevation to discuss this uncongenial and this unfit theme.
The atmosphere is unsafe and uncongenial in Kohat for me and my lawyers from Peshawar,' he claimed.
And this is a home which students and staff richly deserve, not least those who have endured the past two years living in the rubble of a building-site, with the most uncongenial of access to the riches which were being presented within those doomed walls, whether educationally or in terms of public performance.
What is interesting is that this uncongenial news exposure can generate even greater partisan polarization relative to congenial news exposure (Arceneaux, Johnson, & Cryderman, 2013; Levendusky, 2013; Lodge & Taber, 2013; Slothuus & de Vreese, 2010).
They were vacationing in Switzerland at the time and, as she wrote: "It proved a wet, uncongenial summer and incessant rain often confined us for days to the house.
Bizarrely, as both major parties have shifted to the extremes the middle ground has perversely become not merely lonely, but uncongenial.