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I do not condone the loutish behaviour, but I do object to an intimation of an unconnected violent assault, when obviously something else was occurring.
While never abandoning her omniscient third-person voice, Woolf enters the consciousness of seemingly unconnected characters and brings their feelings to the surface.
He cautions, however, that the weaker intensification 12 days before the main shock may represent something unconnected with the quake.
The stars will be seen playing "consequences", in which they read lines from unconnected material to form a light-hearted narrative.
He faces unconnected allegations of affray and assault.
Peerages would continue as an honour but would be unconnected with the second chamber.
Letter's fragmented strands of narrative are composed around female figures who are apparently unconnected yet seem somehow to be in search of one another.
A company spokeswoman said job losses were unconnected to the sorting office operation and had nothing to do with Royal Mail.
Meamwhile, in an unconnected incident, a stolen car was left gutted after being set on fire and dumped near a Walsall beauty spot.
Persians (Greek Persai) One of a trilogy of unconnected tragedies presented in 472 BC by Aeschylus.
About a decade ago, in studying the way a star's light blinked off and on as Neptune got in the way, Peter Goldreich and Scott Tremaine of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena concluded that the planet has rings--but that unlike the rings of Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, Neptune's might consist of short, unconnected arcs.
Tenders are invited for Construction of mujha road to guldah link road in year 2018-19 under agriculture marketing facilities in unconnected habitations.