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For, holding the axe Groan-Maker, he is unconquerable, and to fight with him is sure death.
And this example proves it, for the kingdom of France would be unconquerable if the ordinance of Charles had been enlarged or maintained.
And from this consciousness that they had attempted to conquer an unconquerable thing there seemed to arise a feeling that they had been betrayed.
And with this gentle, but unconquerable obstinacy did he resist all her entreaties.
Maria Osgood was a distant relative, and an early associate, who, although as different from her cousin in appearance and character as black is from white, was still dear to the latter, both from habit and her unconquerable good nature.
When about to make the land, the spirit of the ship's commander is tormented by an unconquerable restlessness.
Where the temperament is serene though the intellect be sluggish, an unconquerable dullness opposes every effort to instruct.
At last, seeing my unconquerable repugnance, he ceased to importune me.
You are tenacious of your rights, this cold evening, Natty,” returned the Judge with unconquerable good-nature; “but what say you, young man; will three dollars pay you for the buck?
With his burning eyes he was the image of an Inquisitor with an unconquerable soul in that frail body.
There was a silence, and then the unconquerable Stinks observed:
Early association with country solitudes had bred in him an unconquerable, and almost unreasonable, aversion to modern town life, and shut him out from such success as he might have aspired to by following a mundane calling in the impracticability of the spiritual one.