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For, holding the axe Groan-Maker, he is unconquerable, and to fight with him is sure death.
A poor weapon with which to kill Jikiza the Unconquerable," said Galazi, eyeing it askance.
Early association with country solitudes had bred in him an unconquerable, and almost unreasonable, aversion to modern town life, and shut him out from such success as he might have aspired to by following a mundane calling in the impracticability of the spiritual one.
I shuddered at the thought, but of a sudden the old fire of unconquerable self-confidence surged through me.
But Stroeve, the unconquerable buffoon, had a love and an understanding of beauty which were as honest and sincere as was his own sincere and honest soul.
The sounds of the jungle night recalled most vividly the days and nights that she had spent in a similar jungle with her forest god--with the fearless and unconquerable Tarzan of the Apes.
Pickwick, and retaining a most unconquerable aversion to widows.
Pratt, I think--nay, I am sure, it would never have happened; for though I left Longstaple with what I thought, at the time, a most unconquerable preference for his niece, yet had I then had any pursuit, any object to engage my time and keep me at a distance from her for a few months, I should very soon have outgrown the fancied attachment, especially by mixing more with the world, as in such case I must have done.
Her unconquerable reserve seemed to have strengthened its hold on her since the outburst of the morning.
Maria Osgood was a distant relative, and an early associate, who, although as different from her cousin in appearance and character as black is from white, was still dear to the latter, both from habit and her unconquerable good nature.
At last, seeing my unconquerable repugnance, he ceased to importune me.
Lets say youve resolved to eat healthier in the New Year, but find yourself tripped up over and over again by your unconquerable yen for food thats rich and delicious.