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I can see no conceptual reason why 'victimisation ought to be limited to proven exploitative acts, since interpersonal power can be used unfairly or 'unconscientiously', if not deliberately, provided, of course, that there is some agency-responsible blame on D's part in relation to the impact of the power-vulnerability relationship upon Ps relevant interests.
And the other party unconscientiously takes advantage of the opportunity thus placed in his hands.
Failing to see the unequal distribution of power and wealth among racial groups, White teachers unconscientiously adopt a psychological view to look at individual lives.
Viral marketing works under the assumption that people will pass on information to their friends and networked circles either conscientiously or unconscientiously if the information is of value, interesting, or entertaining.
In Renard Constructions (ME) Pty Ltd v Minister for Public Works ('Renard'), Priestley JA stated that 'there is a close association of ideas between the terms unreasonableness, lack of good faith, and unconscionability.' (79) While legislation in the form of s 51AC of the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth) (which prohibits unconscionable conduct in business transactions) is not limited to equitable principles of unconscientiously exploiting a special disadvantage, (80) the courts have come to different understandings of what constitutes 'unconscionability'.
If P's baseline thus contains a broad responsibility or disability upon D not to use his rights (etc) unconscientiously or exploitatively--in particular, when creating (and not simply 'taking advantage of') choice situations for P--then any credible proposal to do so by D in support of a specific demand will be a proposal to make P worse off relative to where she is entitled to be, hence it will be a 'threat' (or 'illegitimate pressure') capable of founding a duress claim.