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Assuming that the Church of England faculty system were to be retained for burials, of whatever age, in consecrated ground, what issues would need to be addressed when formulating a framework for the regulation of burial archaeology in unconsecrated ground?
The village is run by the Guardians, who protect it from the Unconsecrated, and the Sisterhood, who make the rules and administer the community's marriages.
Such acts either accrue to the violation of the basic refuge-taking precept, which determines your admission or exclusion from the Buddhist community, or to the sincere abidance to the Tantric dictum that worshipping an unconsecrated image incurs 'violation of Tantric commitments, loss of Mantric power, and failure to relish the fruits of fire rituals' (Rab tu gnas pa mdor bsdus pa'i rgyud, 146v, also Buton Rinchen Drub, Dus 'khor rab gnas, 4).
Reacting to these violations of long-established norms and fears of premature burial, immigrants and colonists in both the Canadas dug up family corpses buried in unconsecrated ground.
DCI Mick Paterson, of North Tyneside area command, said: "Our concerns were finding a human bone on unconsecrated ground.
The body of a 14th-century girl believed to have been decapitated as a witch and dumped into unconsecrated ground has been exhumed and given a proper burial in an English village church's graveyard.
In the distant future, a virus has turned most of the world's population into the Unconsecrated - zombies who will stop at nothing to consume human flesh.
Red Dog, Red Dog begins with the unconsecrated burial of a starved baby and ends with the preparation of another wrecked body for deposit
The finger was removed from the astronomer's body when it was exhumed from his unconsecrated grave and transferred to a mausoleum in a Florentine church in 1737.
The remorseful Albrecht then visits her unconsecrated grave.
With her child now buried in unconsecrated ground, the young woman leaves home and gets a job at a dairy farm, where she is reunited with Angel Clare.
He left his incongruous dummy (kukla) to the mercy of the henchmen who would take it out of the noose and conduct it to an unconsecrated cemetery.