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The poem's last words describing Turnus' "unconsenting" spirit are also Virgil's who, close to death, left the poem unfinished and willed it to the flames.
and morally harmful, (37) and they do not want minors and unconsenting
Caption: Doreen Garner, Rack of Those Ravaged and Unconsenting (detail), 2017, silicone, foam, glass beads, fiberglass, insulation, steel meat hooks, steel pins, pearls, 96 x 96 x 96".
A court in Virginia, for example, cannot unilaterally render and enforce a judgment against an unconsenting defendant in Maryland.
Georgia, in which he argued successfully that a jurisdictional grant in section 14 of the 1789 Act contemplated suits against unconsenting states over claims brought by out-of-state parties under the diversity jurisdiction.
In 2000, the NSA assured Congress that all electronic surveillance performed under 12333 "must be conducted in a manner that minimizes the acquisition, retention, and dissemination of information about unconsenting US persons." In reality, many legal experts point out, the lack of judicial oversight or criminal penalties for violating the order render the guidelines meaningless.
It's the public choice argument that the incentive to deliver benefits now and defer costs to the unborn and unconsenting future generations is irresistible.
Offenders often describe this as an emotionally devastating experience and report that it helped them to grasp the self-serving nature of their behavior and the callous disregard for the well-being of vulnerable children and unconsenting adults.
As Sara Shahsiah reminds us, experiences of racialization among youth in Canada suggest that "autonomous self-identification appears less attainable because societal processes and dominant public discourse deploy skin colour as the marker to justify differential identities onto unconsenting people" (4).
Lester concedes that, if killing Mary is the only available option for avoiding the unconsenting and uncompensatable costs she imposes on others, then killing Mary increases liberty.
The Eleventh Amendment to the Constitution, announced by President John Adams, guarantees that "an unconsenting State is immune from suits brought in federal courts by her own citizens as well as by citizens of another State," and the amendment has been commonly referred to as the sovereign immunity clause.