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The dance may well act our the kind of acceptance of death as an inherent part of the life cycle that emerges from the Homeric "Hymn to Demeter," wherein the goddess's unconsolable grief at the loss of Persephone to Hades yields to acceptance of her daughter's cyclical existence above and below the earth.
Listening to Red Dirt Girl, one can trace a connect-the-dots path back to one of the first songs she wrote, "Boulder to Birmingham" (Pieces of the Sky), which is musically and lyrically an expression of unconsolable mourning for a dead beloved.
He stood, wobbling, on the railing, and right when Grandpa's hand was about to land on his rainbow-hued plumage and send him sprawling to the ground, he took to the air; and as if it were sheltering the bird, the air lifted him and aided his flight higher and ever further away from the hatchet, Grandpa's swearing, and the unconsolable chickens.
But a broken Harry Redknapp was almost unconsolable afterwards: "It was a scandalous goal," he sighed.
His friends eventually had to leave when the child proved to be unconsolable. He said he picked the child up, in an effort to determine what was bothering her and, in so doing, he might have shaken her.
Grant, Mark Twain--I think I'll go to sleep and suddenly in my deepest inadequancy nightmares wake up haunted and see everyone in the world as unconsolable orphans yelling and screaming on every side to make arrangements for making a living yet all bespattered and gloomed-up in the nightsoil of poor body and soul all present and accounted for as some sneakish, crafty gift, and all so lonered.