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He stood, wobbling, on the railing, and right when Grandpa's hand was about to land on his rainbow-hued plumage and send him sprawling to the ground, he took to the air; and as if it were sheltering the bird, the air lifted him and aided his flight higher and ever further away from the hatchet, Grandpa's swearing, and the unconsolable chickens.
But a broken Harry Redknapp was almost unconsolable afterwards: "It was a scandalous goal," he sighed.
His friends eventually had to leave when the child proved to be unconsolable.
Grant, Mark Twain--I think I'll go to sleep and suddenly in my deepest inadequancy nightmares wake up haunted and see everyone in the world as unconsolable orphans yelling and screaming on every side to make arrangements for making a living yet all bespattered and gloomed-up in the nightsoil of poor body and soul all present and accounted for as some sneakish, crafty gift, and all so lonered.
While most moms and dads can hush their babies with a feeding or a diaper change, one out of every five infants in the United States remains unconsolable, suffering bouts of "excessive" crying due to a baffling disorder called colic.