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Figure 6 shows that the influence of the ship length on the scattering is unconspicuous, but the peaks of the backscattering RCS decrease with the increment of the ship length, and the mean value of five points near the peak on the left side is in Table 2.
Probably, effects of piscivore-mediated prey fish behavior on unconspicuous prey are both more subtle and harder to detect compared to effects on exposed prey.
All the grand sources, in short, of human suffering are in a great degree, many of them almost entirely, conquerable by human care and effort; and though their removal is grievously slow--though a long succession of generations will perish in the breach before the conquest is completed, and this world becomes all that, if will and knowledge were not wanting, it might easily be made--yet every mind sufficiently intelligent and generous to bear a part, however small and unconspicuous, in the endeavour, will draw a noble enjoyment from the contest itself, which he would not for any bribe in the form of selfish indulgence consent to be without.
Crosslinking, which is supposed to be a kind of chain entanglement, normally taking place in the noncrystalline phase and inducing the decrease in the crystallinity, is unconspicuous here due to molecule strain and steric effects (37), The slight decrease of T sub.
11, it can be found that the time required to reach maximum water absorbency was shorten and the overshooting effect becomes unconspicuous with increasing the concentrations of [CaCl.