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'If left uncontained, these new obstacles to international trade, investment, and workforce mobility will lead to a slowdown of growth in innovation productivity and diffusion across the globe,' it added.
The WasteBagCut system is an ideal collection and waste removal system for startup waste coming from a blown film line, rolls of paper or film (including shrink and stretch) material that have not passed inspection, and any other uncontained rolls of film or paper scrap taking up space on the production floor.
The uncontained joy of Michael Gibbons and co-owner David Nott was certainly evident and contributed to by the words of winning rider Bryony Frost.
There are three uncontained fires currently burning in Carnarvon National Park in inaccessible areas and remote to visitors.
"The fireline that remained uncontained has now been contained, bringing containment to 100 per cent.
Cal Fire said that the remaining uncontained fire "is isolated in steep and rugged terrain where it is unsafe for firefighters to access due to the heavy rains."
Unfortunately the abundance of uncontained domestic refuse provides a readily accessible food source for rats and often negates the effectiveness of baiting carried out by the Council."
EDT) was burning over 7,000 acres by late evening and was completely uncontained.
It was one of five major, uncontained wildfires burning across California during a heat wave that has the state sizzling under record-shattering temperatures.
We all know by now the profuse exhilaration uncontained by Harry Roque in 2011.
Among his topics are the territory of the transference and the value of phantasy interpretations: a Kleinian expansion, a case study of one patient's fear of self-definition and his depressive phantasies of disappointment and rejection, depressive anxiety and the motives for manic control, and projective identification in restricted and uncontained states of mind.
The Whitewater Fire near Mount Jefferson that was first spotted July 23 remains uncontained and has grown to 5,920 acres.