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Among his topics are the territory of the transference and the value of phantasy interpretations: a Kleinian expansion, a case study of one patient's fear of self-definition and his depressive phantasies of disappointment and rejection, depressive anxiety and the motives for manic control, and projective identification in restricted and uncontained states of mind.
Among the concerns noted during an EPA inspection of the electroplating facility were uncontained toxic hazardous waste, such as lead, cyanide and chromium -- a known carcinogen -- on equipment, the facility floor, and outside the building.
The Whitewater Fire near Mount Jefferson that was first spotted July 23 remains uncontained and has grown to 5,920 acres.
php) listed 32 uncontained large fires nationwide, most of which were concentrated in states like North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky.
Tens of thousands of acres of forest have burned and about a dozen of the largest fires were uncontained, the forest service said.
The 13-year-old, trained locally by Martin Keighley, had finished second in the past two years and only the marble-hearted were left unmoved by the uncontained scenes of celebration that followed his win.
In New Mexico, a 28-square-mile fire that erupted last week and destroyed 24 homes in the Manzano Mountains south of Albuquerque was largely uncontained.
Performing not for gain or glory, with a spirit uncontained.
He said it is "very likely" that the battery of a standard quadcopter drone entering the core of a jet engine would cause an uncontained engine failure, as happened to a BA plane which became engulfed in flames and smoke as it was taking off in Las Vegas in September.
He told the Press Association it is "very likely" that the battery of a standard quadcopter drone entering the core of a jet engine would cause a uncontained engine failure - a potentially disastrous event.
We, and countries like us, are victims of the international challenges that constrain our sovereignty, disrupt our identity, and tear our social fabric apart," he said, pointing to the uncontained war in Syria, poverty, and global terror.
More tellingly, in the wake of Edward Snowden's revelations about massive American 'dataveillance' operations in the service of uncontained political initiatives nominally tied to an anti-terrorism agenda, which have exploited contemporary communication platforms in a more direct and disturbing fashion, Leistner's perspective appears unwittingly naive and incomplete.