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They know full well that their own country has a "flawed and lackluster" human rights record which is uncontestable. What's more, these systematic violations are still ongoing and there has been little change on the ground by President Trump and his White Supremacist administration officials.
The fact that nuclear threats are uncontestable does not guarantee that they will be viewed as credible, while the contestable nature of conventional threats does not preclude their credibility.
What is uncontestable, though, is the fact it is now difficult to imagine a Birmingham frontline not led by the powerful, dominant aerial presence of Jutkiewicz.
Some people will inevitably take it as a personal slight, but as it's the bride and groom's request, sadly for the guest, it's uncontestable.
Unlike the second paradigm of the spiritual exercise as discussed in Pierre Hadot's studies of ancient philosophy, Trap's aesthetic exercises are not characterized by any claim to universal validity, for they do not seek to convert their reader/listener via her guided restaging of an uncontestable epistemic insight or truth-event.
and uncontestable control, (27) much as she does in the dual-class
75 provided ultimately the uncontestable safety gap that the 1949 Geneva
What this case really exposes, I fear, is that all this background check rigmarole inconveniences millions of Americans who have an uncontestable right to own and carry a firearm, without doing much to keep guns out of the hands of lunatics and bad guys--any more than our airport metal detectors (the ones designed to accustom law-abiding Americans to being strip-searched and disarmed) did anything to stop a bunch of Muslim fanatics from hijacking four passenger jets and killing thousands of innocent people on Sept.
That it was a struggle for Klopp's predecessor is uncontestable.
I don't mean that in some polemical, hand-waving way, pressing the uncontestable point that all of this country is somehow conquered territory.
As Chinweizu and Madubuike (1980) point out, African oral literature is the uncontestable reservoir of the African's imagination and worldview.
Yet modern equipment regulates pressures, flows and circuit resistance much better than previously, and they these options offer two uncontestable advantages.