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That it was a struggle for Klopp's predecessor is uncontestable.
I don't mean that in some polemical, hand-waving way, pressing the uncontestable point that all of this country is somehow conquered territory.
As Chinweizu and Madubuike (1980) point out, African oral literature is the uncontestable reservoir of the African's imagination and worldview.
Yet modern equipment regulates pressures, flows and circuit resistance much better than previously, and they these options offer two uncontestable advantages.
But I am not sure that this will be the choice of the uncontestable boss of the AKP.
Clear and uncontestable proof of Horace's thinking about love as a central part of life (and not only of youth, as Lyne argues) is the fact that themes of love comprise such a substantial part of the Odes.
The conversation should begin with an administrative class that tends to present its interpretations of raw data as uncontestable imperatives.
This is an important strategic step for the company; this acquisition will add substantial growth to our portfolio which already includes the fastest growing network in DRC and another two operations with an uncontestable first rank in market share; in Gambia and Sierra Leone.
Its historical value is uncontestable as one can get a real image of the Japanese culture from it, learning about cultural realities such as the samurai caste, their code of honor, the tea ceremony, geisha etc.
Red's experience with illness serves as an excellent example of another facet of Scarry's theory of pain; the presence or "reality" of pain is uncontestable to those who are "in" it, but to an observer or listener, the pain is not real:
Writing in New York magazine, for example, Jonathan Chait presented a reasonableif far from uncontestable, as Chait himself fairly admitsaccount of the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, and concluded by arguing that responsibility for failing to strike a deal lies squarely on Bibi Netanyahu's shoulders.
In a socially constructivist perspective, an institution is effective if its framework is uncontestable.