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The East Midlands has the highest number of uncontested seats, followed by the East of England, West Midlands and the South East in close proximity.
Based on the terms of reference issued by NTC for the selection of new major player, interested participants should have no uncontested outstanding liabilities such as SRF and SUF, other penalties, surcharges and interests to the agency as of Oct.
Robeena Amjad of Lilly Fabrics who has already been declared successful uncontested.
Athos Antoniades is also running uncontested for the seat of party general secretary while Fytos Constantinou for the position of general planner.
"And when teams were going with uncontested scrums we ended up losing the game, in the first seven games of the season five of them finished with uncontested scrums.
In this article we explain the rise of uncontested races by focusing on two such elections in February 2017: one in the rural district (kabupaten) of Pati in Central Java, and another in Jayapura city, the capital of Papua province.
In their game against the Bulldogs, the Red Warriors went 4-of-8 on uncontested shots and that mark was worse against the Tamaraws.
Pharmaceutical business Pernix Therapeutics Holdings (NasdaqGM:PTX) said on Thursday that its board of directors has unanimously authorised a one for ten of its reverse split of its common stock as well as a majority voting standard for the election of directors in uncontested elections.
(NASDAQ: TST) has approved and adopted an amendment to the company's amended and restated by-laws to implement a majority voting standard for uncontested director elections and related amendments to its corporate governance guidelines, the company said.
NNA - A number of Moukhtars won uncontested in some villages and towns in Batroun Kaza, NNA correspondent said on Tuesday.
There are two effectively uncontested seats Labour is almost certain to hold in Northwood, Page Moss and Shevington, and one uncontested seat in Cherryfield, Stockbridge, Swanside and Whitefield.
Summary: Former Beirut Bar Association head Antoine Klimos won an uncontested election for the presidency of the Maronite League over the weekend.