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It should be noted that the lack of evidence of poor investment decisions by targets of uncontested transactions does not necessarily imply that reduced agency costs are unimportant in explaining the wealth effects of these transactions.
If no one challenges the [already] registered candidates by the deadline to submit candidacies, those already registered could win the elections uncontested," Charbel said, adding that only a new Parliament law could cancel the existing 1960 law that calls for elections based on a winner-take-all system in 26 middle-sized districts.
Among those who were elected executive members uncontested for Associate Class include Rana Fayyaz Ahmad of M/S FS Jewelry Workshop,
Dumeitheer Al-Enizi and Khaled Al-Tahous were uncontested members of the
Bees had several scrums close to the Pirates line but, as they were uncontested, could not take advantage of their apparent scrumaging superiority.
Members of the committee voted for an 18-month wait in uncontested divorces and three years in contested cases.
There has been no suggestion that Saracens acted in an underhand manner - Brain has decided not to ask officials to look into the circumstances behind the injuries to Sarries' props Kevin Yates and Ben Broster - but he did stress that the whole area of uncontested scrums needs looking at.
The return of Wales and Lions hooker Robin McBryde after being diagnosed with a prolapsed disc in his neck pre-season was overshadowed by claims by the Quins that the referee should not have allowed uncontested scrums for the last 15 minutes.
The IRB ruled that the French had been in breach of tournament regulations when they reverted to uncontested scrums against Wales during the second half of their match at Newbury on June 29.
The Fairwater side had two front row players sin-binned in the final minutes of the game and, with no other front row players available, they opted for uncontested scrums.
But beginning half a million years ago, European sites included large collections of uncontested stone tools along with hominid fossils.