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It has until lately been a received and uncontradicted opinion that the prosperity of the people of America depended on their continuing firmly united, and the wishes, prayers, and efforts of our best and wisest citizens have been constantly directed to that object.
I assure you that he won't even let his heart speak uncontradicted.
I conclude, therefore, that there must be belief-feelings of the same order as those of doubt or disbelief, although phenomena closely analogous to those of belief can be produced by mere uncontradicted images.
And as if excited by the sound of her uncontradicted voice, she went so far as to say in a tone almost tart:
You may, with your place of retreat unknown, then leave, if you please, uncontradicted by me, the lie that when you passed out of all knowledge but mine, you merited a good name.
The hope of eventually clearing himself with them, too, and explaining how he had been forced away, had buoyed him up, and sustained him, under many of his recent trials; and now, the idea that they should have gone so far, and carried with them the belief that the was an impostor and a robber--a belief which might remain uncontradicted to his dying day--was almost more than he could bear.
289) The Ninth Circuit affirmed the preclusion, reasoning that the uncontradicted evidence showed that the defendants knew that marijuana was illegal under federal law.
If such uncontradicted evidence from the landowner is not sufficient to prove lack of consent, it is unclear how a landowner can ever prevail on this issue," the attorneys wrote.
139) The court concluded that "assuming that she was qualified for such a job, if nevertheless there were better-qualified applicants--and the evidence is uncontradicted that there were--the VA did not violate its duty of reasonable accommodation by giving the job to them instead of to her.
In upholding the trial judge's acquittal of Ewanchuk, despite the complainant's repeated and uncontradicted assertions of "no," Justice McClung observed that "it must be pointed out that the complainant did not.
Virginia, (86) a plurality of the United States Supreme Court limited the public access right to proceedings for which there was an "unbroken, uncontradicted history" of openness reflected in "accepted practice [s] .