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453, 464-65 (1972) ("[W]ell-reasoned expert testimony--based on what is known and uncontradicted by empirical evidence--may in and of itself be 'substantial evidence' when first-hand evidence on the question.
1983) ("We agree that privity is essential to the claims based on warranty; and it is uncontradicted that there is not privity between these parties.
She was also entitled to take into account other evidence adduced by the Plaintiffs, especially the uncontradicted evidence from Professor Smiley as to the efficacy of speed advisory signs.
Unless the contradiction could only have come from the accused, "there is 'considerable authority indication that a bare statement that the prosecution's evidence, or some designated part of it, is uncontradicted, does not per se involve an impermissible reference to the defendant's failure to testify.
does exist extensive, uncontradicted evidence that the term was
Even if this were on the editorial page, the editors should have balanced it with an opposing viewpoint, but they turned it into uncontradicted front page news.
The taxpayer's uncontradicted evidence established that certainty and control are of paramount importance to unrelated parties involved in cost-sharing arrangements.
Vinson's liability for the injuries to the patient was clear based on the uncontradicted evidence that Dr.
It seems to have been uncontradicted that the two entities were identical.
1974) (finding that uncontradicted proof of performance of acts that bear directly on the success of a salvage operation entitles the actor to an award).
The standard is that an informant need only conclude there is enough evidence, left uncontradicted, to satisfy a reasonable person.