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Furthermore, Pakistan pointed to the uncontradicted evidence that commander Jadhav was provided with an authentic Indian passport in a 'cover' Muslim name, as a clear and obvious link between his conduct and the Government of India.
framework, which appears to be uncontradicted, jurisdiction over
treatment group was told that uncontradicted committee reports indicate
In his closing submission, he said the evidence was "powerful, compelling and disturbing" and "mostly uncontradicted".
Thus, the evidence was clear, convincing, and uncontradicted that the call price was at least $460,406 and couldn't be as low as the $256,500 awarded by the jury.
Simms also objected to the prosecutor's remarks during closing arguments that the witness testimony about Simms' threats to kill his wife was "uncontradicted" because it implied jurors can draw a negative inference from Simms' failure to testify.
162, 173 (1986), over a strenuous dissent by Justice Marshall pointing out that the evidence for the effect was uncontradicted, see id.
The uncontradicted evidence establishes that plaintiff added (John Suhr's) name solely as a matter of convenience, i.e., to allow John to write checks and administer the account on behalf of plaintiff's granddaughter should tragedy befall plaintiff while she attended the capital murder trial in Texas, the Fourth Department wrote.
143, 154 (1944) ("We think a situation such as that here shown by uncontradicted evidence is so inherently coercive that its very existence is irreconcilable with the possession of mental freedom by a lone suspect against whom its full coercive force is brought to bear.").
Speicher [divider] As for the absence of good faith, Speicher noted that the record contained uncontradicted evidence that town officials understood prior to the conveyance that the parcel would not be subject to a restrictive covenant.
required to believe uncontradicted evidence); see also Reeves v.