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Does forgiveness mean allowing the uncontrite to strut about with impunity while the wounded nurse their reopened wounds?
Simply by going online I can plunge into a vast ocean of heartfelt confessions by sappy child molesters and frank racists and uncontrite murderers.
PHIL STAMP........................7 Cautioned but uncontrite as he charged around the park.
Olonga remains uncontrite. "We had to do some small thing to help change the destiny of our nation," he told M-Net television.
He was uncontrite. His brother Deacon, on the other hand, undergoes a sort of epiphany when he realizes that they made a serious mistake: "His long remorse was at having become what the Old Fathers cursed: the kind of man who set himself up to judge, rout, even destroy the needy, the defenseless, the different" (302).
He also rejected the pleasures of his California culture of hot tubs and mood music, converted to Islam, joined the Taliban, fought at Masar-i-Sharif, was captured...and, perhaps most surprisingly, was uncontrite and unrepentant.
It would be almost easier if reform did not take place, for one can more readily have no sympathy for the suffering of the unreformed and uncontrite offender.(32)
While the damage was minimal, the client remained resentful, the agent uncontrite. A year or so later my client heard the agent was dying in a local hospital.
With this singularly uncontrite confession, Professor Wilson launches his campaign to persuade his readers that reductionism captures the truth of science's intentions, past, present, and future.
She remains good-humoredly uncontrite and calls for the end of "sexual apartheid" in the church.
Unabashed and uncontrite, Imelda Marcos put on a big show in Malacanang and dogged the Pope in the places he visited.
He remains uncontrite." When I decided to speak out," he says, "I knew what the consequences would be.