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New Delhi [India], November 8 ( ANI ): National Conference (NC) president Farooq Abdullah on Wednesday said that the situation in Jammu and Kashmir would become uncontrollable if Article 370 gets repealed.
He has this uncontrollable power, but it's hard to know which came first - his emotional response to his situation at home or the supernatural power,' explains Fionn.
Situations that are genuinely uncontrollable cannot be changed.
Symptoms can include extreme blushing, chronic chuckling, terminal trembling, uncontrollable crying or spontaneous spewing of stupid statements.
While clinicians can't counsel at-risk patients to avoid emotional upset, Steptoe says, "we can help them cope with problems like uncontrollable anger.
Aggressive puppy or dog behaviors can be frightening when uncontrollable, but there's hope for the 'reactive dog', as Ali Brown displays in Scaredy Dog
This season's offering, Anna Karenina, sketches the narrative of a heroine, torn between domestic duty to husband and son and uncontrollable lust for a dashing officer.
It created an uncontrollable commercial environment characterised by, among other things, a reduction in foreign direct investment, the exodus of skilled labour and the depreciation of the Sri Lankan rupee.
Persevere, it's good, buy it, read it, think on and apply it to the rich, unpredictable, uncontrollable city but question the implicit capitalist imperative that lurks behind books and cities alike.
A Kaiser Health Appraisal questionnaire was used to measure study participants' current psychosocial issues, including stress level, fear of uncontrollable anger, and serious or disturbing problems related to family, job or finances.
Their pay led to a cycle of things to create a totally uncontrollable cost structure.