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54) In Zauderer, the Court upheld a state law requiring attorneys to include "purely factual and uncontroversial information" about the terms of their services in advertising.
Reynolds, the tobacco companies maintained that the finalized warning labels were not purely factual and uncontroversial.
Most are seen as progressive and uncontroversial, including one that would make the military more answerable to civilian courts.
Many are uncontroversial, but opposition parties are particularly unhappy about proposed changes to the way judges are appointed.
Many of the reforms approved in Sunday's plebiscite were uncontroversial, but changes to the way senior judges are selected have raised concern that the judiciary will lose its independence.
Renfrew said the process was uncontroversial so far, with nearly unanimous agreement on the name change.
The omnibus edition of Corrie was replaced by the oh-so-sweet and uncontroversial film Pollyanna, which says it all.
I would be struggling to see what the complaint is about this because it is so uncontroversial.
Nothing that Mr Aehmed said in court could be accepted as the truth unless it was entirely uncontroversial or independently corroborated, Mr Straker said.
Her judgments regarding the different scholarly positions she presents are defensible, largely uncontroversial, and represent the mainstream of Proverbs studies today.
Most of his account is historical and uncontroversial, he says, but towards the end he follows his own inspiration, which does not always flow with the majority view, and can get somewhat technical.
What the piece lays bare is an uncontroversial, almost matter-of-fact overcompensation of both innocence and strength, in which the titration of race gets distilled down to an intoxicating beverage.