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Thus, early adopters can be termed "neophiles" as they tend to tolerate more unconventionality in the tension of fig.
When he first meets the barnstormers, he is enraged at their unconventionality and seeming irresponsibility: "The reporter glared at them all now with his dazed, strained and urgent face.
Knowing that such formal events call for elegant black trousers to match the shirt, the chief displayed his signature unconventionality by choosing to wear casual brown pants instead.
That also goes for the distractible restlessness of his mind and personality, his huge appetites and passions, his polemical streak, and his deliberate life-long unconventionality and the resulting turbulence that seemed to follow him.
These commonly include characteristics of autonomy, control, freedom, and unconventionality (Cuypers et al.
But there's a fundamental irony to his unconventionality. Trump might rail against big-pocketed donors, but his campaign is itself premised on using one billionaire's power and influence to reshape American politics.
When friends told me I'd fit right in to the mecca of unconventionality that is Woodstock, I assumed I'd find other seekers: Buddhists, Sufis, Hindis, clairvoyants, channelers, energy workers.
L'Atelier Nawbar is a jewelry atelier that coolly marries unconventionality and tradition.
Using these representations, students can explore the unconventionality of female heroes and villains in action/adventure series, and you can ask them to examine why these sorts of depictions are, at present, such rarities.
(A well-received West End production in 1997 starring Maria Friedman was the show's last major English-language revival.) Lady kicks off with its unconventionality front and center: There's no overture and no big opening number.
Cohen presents her interviewees as "ordinary people" who "played little part in official collective and mythmaking memories of the Great Patriotic War." Because of this, she contends, their testimonies bear "more sincerity and unconventionality" than the accounts of prominent officials, partisans, or intellectuals (3).
Yet, this unconventionality does not mean that "every damn thing" that departs from the rigid methodological procedures of traditional disciplines is cultural studies.