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While she makes a few interesting points about The Men of Brewster Place, her treatment is very brief and generalized, and she ignores the uninspired, programmatic quality of Naylor's only inferior novel, in which Naylor responds unconvincingly to unfair criticism that her The Women of Brewster Place (a much better choice for inclusion in this study) attacked black males.
While one son, Hamza, unconvincingly denies his attraction to men, the other, Tawfiq, has renounced Islam, and devout daughter Huwaida has cold feet about her arranged marriage.
The article on Deuteronomy argues for a premonarchical date (unconvincingly, in my judgment), but not on the basis of doctrinal presuppositions.
The Dust-Up authors also use error-ridden information about a child's food stamp eligibility to argue, unconvincingly, that charter schools tend to serve the better-off segment of the minority community.
For these works, Ernst would punch holes in tin cans filled with liquid pigment, hang strings from the cans, and set them in motion above canvases prepared with large, mostly rectilinear expanses of scumbled paint--resulting in the semiabstract landscapes and cosmic vistas that should, this exhibition suggests (to my mind unconvincingly), be understood to anticipate Jackson Pollock's drip paintings of the late 1940s and '50s.
"There has to be some standard of decency." For Stevens, that standard apparently can't be decided on a home-by-home basis, though he also unconvincingly insists that "no one wants censorship." Except, of course, Stevens and, one presumes, the membership of the NAB, who want to undercut the competitive advantages of cable and satellite TV.
"As you may remember, I was a hawk on terrorism," Schultz explains unconvincingly over the speakerphone.
She recanted slightly, grudgingly and totally unconvincingly - but there never seemed to be a moment when she was likely to have to abandon her chauffeur-driven ministerial limo.
And the proposal, put forward somewhat unconvincingly for efficiency reasons, for greater involvement by the Westminster Parliament in decision-making on major infrastructure projects is an unnecessarily centralising move when elected regional government is waiting in the wings to make the real spatial decisions.
Hungary eventually gave the sell-out crowd something to cheer about when Attila Tokoli stole round the back of the German defence to somewhat unconvincingly guide the ball past Oliver Kahn.
"There's no reason to say we can deliver greater value to shareholders if someone owns us." But, he adds, somewhat unconvincingly, "If the time comes when the greater value for the business can be delivered in the longer term by being a part of somebody else, that's probably going to happen.
He unconvincingly tried to explain this away by some dubious mathematics, which seems to have settled the considerable doubts that were initially expressed on taking up his viscometer.