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Allege police officials arrogant, uncooperative with people
"Since some of our senators are uncooperative in this charter bid, we will really campaign against them," Veloso told reporters.
The court, instead, directed that uncooperative governors should be punished under the Parliamentary Powers and Privileges Act provisions.
Li, "Time and covariance threshold triggered optimal uncooperative rendezvous using angles-only navigation," International Journal of Aerospace Engineering, vol.
Mr Kasali who decried the artificial scarcity created by the filling stations hoarding fuel, added that arrest were made due to uncooperative attitude of some people at the petrol stations visited.
The San Diego Police Department told the media that Teller was supposed to be taken to a detox facility, but because of his (http://www.ibtimes.com/miles-teller-arrested-public-drunkenness-whiplash-star-was-uncooperative-police-2554304) uncooperative behavior he was put to jail instead.
The Government has also imposed countervailing duties on A4 copy paper exports from uncooperative Chinese exporters.
The Seattle head coach defends star running back Marshawn Lynch's uncooperative media attitude
I went through a stage of being uncooperative, ducking classes and opting to get the teachers' chips at lunchtime rather than doing school work.
THE investigation into an alleged plot by hardline Muslims to force out uncooperative headteachers and governors has widened to 15 schools.
Georgiades said non-viable loans and uncooperative borrowers could be dealt with by an asset management company, like in other countries with the same problem.
Stevens is forced to match wits with his enigmatic client and deal with uncooperative witnesses and hostile hospital employees in order to decipher the conflicting clues and uncover the truth.