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Line 8: after LU, there are uncopied traces of several signs that continue on the right edge and then onto the obverse below line 7 there; the first of these is clearly [??]SU/su[??].
Schaeffer, O'Harren's lawyer, says such protection is extraordinary, and he opposed Du Pont's legal effort to retrieve the data (uncopied) or to have it destroyed.
Section 102(b) of the Copyright Act provides: "[i]n no case does copyright protection for an original work of authorship extend to an idea, procedure, process, system, method of operation, concept, principle, or discovery, regardless of the form in which it is described, explained, illustrated, or embodied in such work."(25) Everyone is thus free to take and use the ideas from a copyrighted work with impunity, so long as the author's expression remains uncopied. Furthermore, an author cannot copyright the expression of his work if there is only a limited number of ways in which the work's idea can be expressed.(26)
-- unmoved: objects of this class cannot be taken along with a traveling agent; -- uncopied: objects of this class cannot be copied; -- copyrighted: objects of this class can only be instantiated if authorized by a Copyright Enforcer object; and -- protected: objects of this class cannot be modified.
Users need to know that proprietary and confidential information can be sent over the Internet unseen, unchanged, uncopied, and intact.
Its consistent watermarks (the Angoumois fleur-de-lis with the Jesuit countermark "IHS" above the maker's initials "RC") [31] and rastral measurements indicate that it began life as a bound, uncopied volume, a point further underscored by its regular four-folio quiring (determinable both by matching watermark halves and some visible stitching).
As the pool of uncopied ideas diminishes, the cost of imitation tends to increase, and the followers' growth rates tend accordingly to decline" (33-34).
They were to be "destroyed uncopied"--according to Hardy's note at the beginning of the manuscript.
I remember her coming to me early one morning, saying, "I have the Martha papers catalogued; would you like to read them?" (Later, the Gellhorn papers were moved elsewhere.) In the spring of 1976, none of us Hemingway students believed that Hemingway scholars would ever tire of pouring through the treasures--handwritten notes, unidentified pages, difficult letters--all uncatalogued or uncopied. We were still allowed to use the original pages of his works.
Few successful products go uncopied and even patent protection is only as powerful as a company's financial and logistical ability to enforce it.
He had previously prepared his own copy of The Songs of the Whitestone Daoist, whose colophon is dated to the sixth day of the fourth month of the second year of the Qianlong era (i.e., 5 May, 1737, six years before the publication of Lu's edition), stating that the musical notation of The Songs of the Whitestone Daoist had been left uncopied since he could not himself read music.