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However, Al-Navabet are divided into two main categories: correctable and uncorrectable.
If there is a fault in the medium-gray resource, this binding causes an uncorrectable error because two modules (2 and 3) will produce incorrect values.
The ESR5 criterion is fulfilled if the ratio of seconds with packet uncorrectable errors to all seconds in a 20-second interval does not exceed 5%, as the index in the name states.
Every man living has some kind of philosophy, usually an unconscious, therefore uncriticized, uncorrectable, unimprovable one, what Philipp Frank called a "chance philosophy." If you want to improve it, make it more realistic, more useful, and more fruitful, you have to be conscious of it, and work with it, criticize it, improve it.
It proved to be a bright, accurate, adjustable optic for target and tactical deployment, but it also exhibited uncorrectable parallax.
Those patients who had advanced empyema thoracis, pleural thickening, hemodynamic instability, bleeding disorder, inability to tolerate lateral decubitus position, or severe uncorrectable hypoxemia were not included.
To be classified as being visually impaired, an individual had to first report a vision limitation, and then be verified as having a diagnosis of uncorrectable vision loss (369.xx).
555, 566-67 (1999) (holding that an individual with amblyopia, an uncorrectable eye condition, was not covered by the ADA's definition of disability); Sutton v.
He said: "He hit the same jump in the same way, but landed almost past the front wheels - the bike was close to vertical and was uncorrectable."
If missing or uncorrectable nonconforming data were judged to be critical, some grantees requested updated submissions from data providers, but all were careful to limit such requests so as not to impose unduly on their data partners.
If, in this example, the testator's belief that his daughter worshipped Satan was wholly unfounded, uncorrectable, and a symptom of a "diseased mind" which caused him to make his will in a certain way, the affected provisions would fail.